What Oils Do We Use and Why..

When I started my essential oil journey back in 2015 I really had no essential oil education, experience or a clue!

All I had used at that point was some tea tree oil I had purchased from the local drug store. When I had my first son, I knew I wanted to use more natural, chemical free products on him so I turned to Pinterest and from there I fell in love with Essential Oils or the idea of them anyways..

I dove headfirst into a rising MLM company without even thinking twice but I knew that route was NOT for me.

I needed more… more education, more science and more guidance. More than just an upline.

So after an insane amount of money spent on a whim, those oils I just had to have sat in my basement collecting dust because I didn’t feel safe using them on myself or my new baby.

In the meantime, I researched like crazy and tried to gather as much information as I could on essential oil use & safety.

In the fall of 2017, I was finally ready to commit to an actual Aromatherapy Program that would give me the tools, knowledge and credentials I needed to safely use and recommend essential oils to others.

But…. there was still a problem….

Which Oils should we use???

I had been gathering oils from a few different companies but nothing ever clicked for me. There was something about each essential oil company I didn’t resonate with.

Until I found…

Ashburys Aromatherapy is a division of Colour Energy, a world leader in Colour Therapy. A truly holistic company that offers a diverse product line. They carry hundreds of aromatherapy related products including quality essential oils, tools, hydrosols, carrier oils and more.

What makes Ashburys Aromatherapy unique?

  • Canadian made products, a family owned business from Vancouver, BC
  • They’re not an MLM company – which means they can offer quality, therapeutic grade essential oils at affordable prices. With no investments, start-up fees, membership fees or monthly reoccurring orders.
  • They provide continuing education options in energy medicine that safely integrates essential oils with Chakra Balancing, Light Therapy, Crystal Healing and more.
  • Certificates of Essential Oil Analysis are available.
  • Offers sustainable products with environmentally friendly packaging.
  • Support from their complete team and in-house Aromatherapist.

Ashburys Aromatherapy offers pure, clean essential oils that are neither adulterated with synthetic agents nor do they contain anything other than pure plant essences. They are 100% pure, therapeutic grade oils and have no chemicals or preservatives. Their oils are internationally sourced from their point of origin and meet the highest quality of standards.

I have been using Ashburys since last fall, filling my stock with them as needed. Not only do their oils meet everything I was looking for in an Essential Oil Company but the company stands behind everything they sell.

The quality of service you get when you contact them is by far the best compared to any oil company I’ve dealt with in the past 3 years.

It was a perfect fit. The rest is history!

Curious about what products Ashburys / Colour Energy has to offer?

Send me an email and I will gladly forward you some more information or you can head over to Ashburys Aromatherapy or Colour Energy to view their online catalogue. ** Mention Indigo Essentials on your first order for a free gift!!! **

I will soon have a selection of Ashburys / Colour Energy products here in my shop for you to purchase. Alternatively, you can place your order through me. At the end of each month I will be putting in an order. Contact me for products, pricing and to get in on the goods!!!

I know you’ll be just as happy as I am with this amazing company.

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