How to Raise your Vibration


Everything in the universe is made up of vibrational energy.

Vibrations operate at high or low frequencies. Anyone can have a mixture of high and low vibrations at any given time. Try not to box yourself into one or the other.

Focus on being aware of where you stand with your vibration and make changes accordingly.

People on a low frequency tend to have poor health and negative emotions. They may have little to no spiritual awareness, be prone to desperation and despair. Low-frequency people may feel greed, hatred, fear, and guilt. They might feel stuck or stranded in life, struggle with gratitude and complain a lot.

Here are a few other things that lower your vibration:

– Anger

– Yelling/Arguing/Fighting

– Resentment

– Toxic People, Environments, Personal Care and Beauty Products, Food, Cleaning Products

– Toxic thoughts

– Comparing your life to others

– Holding onto the past

and so on…

Like attracts Like

This means that when you have a low vibration you will tend to attract others with a low vibration. However when you become aware of your vibration and you begin to raise it. You will naturally attract like-minded people and experiences into your life.

How can you raise your vibration??

Easy!!! I’ve put together a list of 20 super easy ways you can start raising your vibration today.

1. Clear the Clutter – one room at a time

2. Meditate – Quiet, Guided or ASMR

3. Aromatherapy / Essential Oils

4. Get Outside, Nature Walks

5. Explore Crystals / Gemstones

6. Have plants in your home

7. Be Creative – Paint, Draw, Sing

8. Yoga – stretch or exercise

9. Eat whole foods – nothing processed

10. Laugh, Smile, Giggle

11. Practice Kindness, Love, Joy and Acceptance

12. Go Barefoot – grounding / earthing

13. Read or Create Inspiring Quotes

14. Complement a stranger or pay it forward

15. Visualization / Affirmations

16. Unplug – do a technology detox

17. Drink plenty of water

18. Read, Learn, keep a Journal

19. Self Care – pamper yourself

20. Use a Himalayan Salt Lamp

Having a high vibration is goals!!

You will know you’re on the right path when you become more self-aware, empathetic, emotionally balanced, have self-discipline and you don’t ” need ” anything or anyone else to be happy. You will also feel confident in yourself and your abilities. You will feel strong, healthy and live in the present instead of the past or future.

Try not to get discouraged over low vibration moments, In reality, we all share some of them at one time or another.

Become aware and practice raising your vibration and you’ll begin to improve your journey to wellness.

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