How to Cleanse your Aura with Essential Oils

The use of sacred fragrances and essential oils date back to around 5000 years ago. They were used in religious and spiritual practices and sanctuaries to purify spaces, rid negative energies and to connect to one’s higher self.

Smudging, which is the traditional practice of burning sacred herbs such as common or white sage, palo santo, or cedar ( for example ) is a powerful spiritual cleansing technique used for driving away negative energy, restoring balance and creating a space for healing.

Some people choose not to do a typical traditional smudge for many reasons. Whether that be allergies, personal beliefs, household members, or they just don’t enjoy the experience or smell.

Essential Oils offer a wonderful alternative to tradititional smudging.

Why would I want or need to cleanse my aura??

You know that heavy feeling you get when you’re spending time with certain people, or out at the grocery store and the cashier seems miserable then you feel miserable. How about when your co-workers are always complaining, or you encounter an angry driver with road rage? That feeling you get is their negative energy weighing you down. Your aura is picking up everyone else’s vibrational frequencies. This can work both ways. For people who emit positive, high vibrations, you will feel energized after being with or speaking to them.

Auras are like energy magnets

We exchange energy constantly depending on the environment, this is why it is so important to cleanse your aura and your space regularly.

Some great essential oils for cleansing your aura include:

  • Palo Santo – clears the environment of negative energy, thoughts and misfortune
  • Sage – neutralizes negativity, cleansing, historically used and universal, creates a psychic shield against tension. ** Common Sage (Salvia officinalis ) is not safe / recommended while pregnant. White Sage ( Salvia apiana ) is safe for use during the 2nd 3rd Trimesters
  • Cedarwood- possesses great spiritual strength, purification and is used as an entrance to higher spiritual realms, protection
  • Vetiver – grounding, brings pyschic protection, increases vital energy flow, centering and intuition
  • Frankincense – removes negative influences from the body, aura, psychic and environment, offers protection and purification
  • Lavender – clears out energies, neutralizes low/negative frequencies, healing, relaxing

How to use the oils:

There are many different ways to use essential oils to cleanse your aura, home or objects. Try 1 of the oils listed above or create a blend of a few ( called a synergy ) to help enhance the oils properties and your experience.

  • Room Spray aka Smokeless Smudge – mix your chosen oils in a glass bottle ( 15 drops of essential oil total for a 15ml bottle ) with witch hazel and an emollient like vegetable glycerin ( this binds the oils to the water ) then top with distilled water. * Use rose water instead of distilled to create a powerful, high vibrational spray. Shake well before each use. Spray rooms, yourself or objects. Visualize negative energies leaving your body or space and set positive intentions.
  • Diffuser – add a few drops of oil to your diffuser and run objects through the vapour, this works great for cleansing crystals, other objects or yourself. Use the diffuser vapour and cup your hands behind it bringing the vapour to your face, inhale then continue up around your head and down your body. Repeat as many times as necessary. It helps to visualize white light entering your body or object and to set an intention.
  • Cleansing Bath – mix 5-6 drops of oil with 1 tbsp of carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut oil or honey. Add half to 1 cup of Epsom salts and any herbs you may be guided to. Rose petals or Lavender buds both help to restore the aura. Himalayan Pink salt is also a great addition to a cleansing bath. Relax and Soak for 20 min and then drain the tub while still lying in it. Visualize all the negative energies flowing down the drain out of your body.
  • Cleansing Shower – Put a few drops of oil on a washcloth in the corner of your shower allowing the water to sprinkle on it releasing the aroma into the shower steam. As you shower imagine white light washing and cleansing any unwanted and negative energy off of your body.
  • Roller Ball – great for when you’re on the go. Mix 5-10 drops of oil in a 10ml roller ball and top with a carrier oil of your choice. When needed roll onto the palms of your hands and cup your face. Inhale and exhale at least 3 times, visualize white light entering the top of your head ( crown chakra ) and any negative energy being released. Continue to guide your hands over your head, down your shoulders, torso, and legs to remove all unwanted energies.

Visualizations are a good practice for spiritual health and well-being.

When your aura is burdened you might feel heavy, lethargic, confused, and could have low immunity. You may also feel stressed, on edge, drained or spiritually disconnected.

However, when the aura is strong and cleansed you will feel healthy, energized, have a positive outlook on life and feel more aligned with your soul and spirituality.

This is what you’re striving for.

Cleanse your aura as often as needed.

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