About Me

Hi and Welcome!! I’m Krista, mama to 3 young boys, Certified Clinical Aromatherapist, Certified Crystal Therapist, PSW, Solitary Eclectic Witch in Training and Amateur Homesteader. I am deeply submerged in self-study surrounding Magick & Energy Healing – the Chakras, Colour Therapy, Reiki, and everything in between.

I am an introvert, empath healer in training, and Indigo / Crystal Adult. ( Gamma Generation ) Holistic Wellness is the result of consciously choosing to live a quality lifestyle. The path to natural healing, health and wellness is a life-long journey. It requires personal responsibility and commitment.

It all started over 5 yrs ago with a few essential oils and the desire to live a more eco friendly life. It snowballed from there and my holistic wellness journey began. I dove hard and fast into the holistic/ spiritual/metaphysical world but I was overwhelmed and confused with the vast array of information floating around out there.

As the years went by and my knowledge & passion expanded, I knew I wanted & needed to help others on their own personal journey. I needed to provide easily accessible metaphysical tools and information. In 2018 Indigo Essentials – Holistic Wellness Co. ( Seeking Spirituality & Magick ) was born! A blog & shop specifically for the new to metaphysical soul, hoping to understand a bit more and dive deeper themselves. I wanted a space that didn’t overwhelm or push people away. Simple terminology and nothing too heavy for the beginner. The internet is full of incredible information, Indigo Essentials is a safe and secure place to dabble in the unknown.

As a Certified Clinical Aromatherapist I have over 5 yrs experience with Essential Oils / Aromatherapy. My blends are safe, 100% pure and always created with intent. I try to use local ingredients whenever I can, but if something is sourced out you can be sure it’s from a reputable supplier. Most of the holistic healing tools you will find in my shop are created solely by me! ( unless I feature another local artist – it will always be disclosed )

I am also a Certified Crystal Therapist so you’ll notice I incorporate crystals within many of my creations. I am truly amazed with the power and vibration of these simple and beautiful tools.

As I learn and grow – so will you! I always apply what I’m learning or doing within my business. I truly feel that it doesn’t need to be rocket science when someone wants to shift their vibration/path. The tools and info desired should be so easily accessible and understandable that you feel great comfort when you’ve found them, not anxiety and overwhelm.

You have everything inside of you to change your life, I just want to be able to provide a stepping stone or a little push along the way! Please feel free to reach out anytime!

As above, so below 💜

Krista Dawn

Disclaimer: This website is intended for educational purposes only. I encourage you to speak to your medical doctor before starting any holistic therapy or essential oil use as well as consulting with a Certified Aromatherapist. Aromatherapists do not treat, diagnose disease or prescribe. Indigo Essentials and Krista Rutledge will not be held liable for any actions performed by those viewing this website.